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Team BTNL Embarks On 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge

Starting May 27th, the lawyers and staff of BTNL will embark on the “BTNL 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge.” Every lawyer and staff member has committed to moving at least a mile a day for 30 days, whether by running, jogging, walking, crawling, biking, or swimming.

Founding partner Bruce Barze noted, “Studies show it takes 21 to 30 days to break old habits and create new ones. Because we’ve been working from home for many weeks, I know I personally have been more sedentary than usual. With all of us holed up in our homes during quarantine, getting outside for some fresh air has been a real treat. Inspired by a similar challenge undertaken by our friends at Moran Reeves Conn in Richmond, VA, we hope this 30-day Challenge will encourage all of us to build healthy habits that hopefully will stick with us for life.”

Photo:  Team BTNL Embarks On 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge

The primary goal of the Challenge is to create better habits. BTNL understands that real success comes from real change, and that requires a re-patterning of our lifestyles. We hope lacing up every day will help all of us learn how to make time for fitness and, ultimately, to lead healthier and more productive lives.

About Barze Taylor Noles Lowther LLC: Barze Taylor Noles Lowther LLC is a Birmingham, Alabama-based law firm with a national practice focused on litigation, insurance coverage issues, and environmental matters. For more information, visit or follow @BTNL_law_firm.

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